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System Modules
Build your application with customizable modules

The K9 Management System is built using software building blocks. By combining different blocks together and connecting them with your business process, the custom application will perform the functions you need to run your business.

Business Functions:
Trained German Shepherd Dog
The DOG_DATABASE module stores information about dogs. Standard fields include:
  • dog_unique_id
  • dog_name
  • dog_date_of_birth
  • dog_owner_name
  • dog_breed
  • dog_source

Dog Training Class
The TRAINING_DATABASE module stores information about training classes. Standard fields include:
  • trainingclass_unique_id
  • trainingclass_name (obedience, protection, special skills)
  • trainingclass_trainer
  • trainingclass_start_date
  • trainingclass_sessions (classes in series)
  • trainingclass_tuition (price list)
  • trainingclass_purpose (obedience or protection)

Happy Dog Owners
The OWNER_DATABASE module stores information about owners. Standard fields include:
  • owner_unique_id
  • owner_name (first, last)
  • owner_address (address, city, state, zip)
  • owner_contact_info (email and phone numbers)
  • owner_dog_list (list of all dogs owned)

K-9 Ecommerce
The ECOMMERCE module adds an online store on your website. Automatically receive payments for classes, fees, products, and services. Easily update your list of dogs for sale, training classes, collars, leashes, supplies, and more.

Trained Dog Following Handler
The ATTENDANCE module manages your training class enrollments. Create and manage class rosters, email lists, and class check-in for attendance. Create and use QR codes on your website, brochures, and onsite so students can check-in automatically with their mobile phones. Use the ECOMMERCE module to automatically process registration fees.

Protection Dog Training
The STAFFING module manages your trainers, employees, and volunteers that helps run your K9 operations. Assign trainers to classes, arrange schedules, and manage your employees. Combine this with the DOG_DATABASE module and arrange fosters and adoptions.

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